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The world famous ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is now using Spiff3D personalization technology to power their newest campaign in the South Pacific region.

From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, the Share a Coke campaign has taken the world by storm since it’s inception in 2011.

Since then, the idea has spread to other Coca-Cola markets and now run on an annual basis in many of these countries, such is the lucrative nature of the campaign.

Both the marketing campaign and the technology have matured since the initial 2011 release, and Spiff3D’s newest technology release has been chosen to power the complex operational process that go on underneath, unseen by the customer.

Gone are the days of visiting specially branded kiosks in shopping centers to grab your own personalized bottle of coke. It’s now possible to order a personalized bottle of via the Direct to Consumer website which powers this (DTC) personalization campaign.

While customization and personalization is a desirable idea for many brands, production and fulfillment has always been a technical challenge.

With Spiff3D’s public API and headless workflow, however, Coca Cola could upgrade their systems to take advantage of powerful dynamic print design and fulfillment features and incorporate this into their existing website infrastructure.

Spiff3D CEO Shadi Taleb explains the significance of this project. “I come from a print background, flexible product, scalable, end-to-end complexity..”

Coca Cola VP XX mentions why they chose Spiff3D technology, “

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