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Create your own beer brand in minutes

A new wave of personalised products are hitting the Australian market in time for Christmas. From getting a message plastered on the back of your Bond’s undies to printing your name on a bar of Toblerone to the reappearance of Coke’s famous ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. Personalised products seem to be all the rage at the minute and one Aussie retailer has found a way for us to create our very own brand of beer in minutes!

Personalisation Utopia

Gone are the days where personalisation was technically difficult or prohibitively expensive for businesses to offer. New technology is finally catching our own inner need as consumers to feel special and tech-savvy businesses are lining up to take advantage. Brewtopia is just the latest in a string of businesses who have adopted new Spiff e-commerce technology.


Brewtopia are a niche retailer who supplies customised beverages for use in the corporate gifting and promotional product market. Plagued by a problematic, legacy custom-made Magento personalisation application, they approached Spiff to find a solution. The legacy personalisation engine was expensive to maintain, wasn’t mobile-friendly, nor allowed for the creative flexibility demanded by their customers.

Spiff helped Brewtopia make a seamless transition to their new e-commerce platform of choice, Shopify, by allowing early use of their new Shopify app. This gave the online retailer an ability to offer everything their customer’s demanded at low cost, quickly and easily.


Jack Colvin, General Manager of Brewtopia explains, “…our engagement with Spiff, was based on two factors. Most of our savvy couch consumers shop on their smart phone. We needed a way to engage with our consumers that met with their needs. The Spiff platform brought us into this next-gen of engagement whilst having a seamless, intuitive and very quick transaction process. We also needed a way to scale up our offering to the larger corporates and stay agile by having more tools in our kit.”

Users simply visit the site in their browser and can instantly start customizing the design of a beverage label – selecting colours, textures and editing the label text before being able to view creations in 3D.


Don’t like beer? No problem – the water, wine and cider options are also just as popular. Fully personalised labels are then printed onto the bottles before your very own, beverage brand is delivered to your door a few days later. Best of it, it’s affordable. A case of larger only sets you back $76.99.


Shadi Taleb, CEO of Spiff explains how he has been dedicated to perfecting personalisation technology for over a decade. A print industry pioneer in Melbourne, Shadi has found a way to make the personalisation process far easier and cheaper for brands of all sizes.

“Companies have successfully used our infrastructure to enable their customers have more intimate experiences with the brands they buy. Smaller niche retailers like Brewtopia can replicate what we’ve been offering bigger brands at a fraction of the cost using our native Shopify app.” Shadi said.

System Integration Benefits

Integrating the Spiff personalisation engine with other internal systems such as printing, enables the possibility of seamless fulfillment.

“Spiff has the Web to Print model and the AR add-on all ready to go. With current stats on personalization, up to 25% of consumers would personalise their purchase if they had the opportunity. This figure rises to 50% with the millennial generation. We are now able to engage and capture more of this market as individuals develop their own brand.” said Mr Colvin.

Create Your Own Beverage

Have a good idea for a beverage brand? Create your own label by visiting

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