Brand & Customer Experience (CX, BX)

Everyone talks about their wish to offer superior experiences, few can deliver


Emotional Experiences That Last

Everyone talks about the customer experience, but if you’ve ever been part of a CX project you’ll notice how complex they can be. Being able to execute improved experiences that lead to significant brand equity and/or sales revenue is much harder.

Wrangling between multiple departments and managing online vs offline environments across multiple touchpoints is complex. We’ve solved many of these problems. Unleash your creativity and use our interconnected platform to make it a reality.

Concentrate on the fun part – the creativity,  without having to wrangle between departments, technical systems that won’t talk to each other, or others in the supply chain who aren’t as enthusiastic.


Blend offline brand contact points online. Some of our larger retail clients offer localized customization supported by an online interface. This way, they can use their physical distribution as an advantage, without drawbacks.

At the core of our platform is the Spiff Hub where you can build your experience workflow. Use it exclusively online to help tangible what would usually be only possible offline. Or for eCommerce merchants, use it to give yourself a superior UX edge over your competition. Provide more buying confidence to the prospect and reduce risk perceptions.


Example 1

Simon Bourne at The Hand Dyed Shoe Company in the UK wanted to scale his custom shoes. He was even featured on the Dragon’s Den TV show. After being promised big things by two different agencies who couldn’t meet his requirements, he stumbled across Spiff.

The Challenge – virtualize a cobbler’s service in an online shopping experience.

The Solution – The Spiff team modeled over 30 different shoe styles in hyper-realistic 3D that could run on his Shopify store. He had specific customization requirements, from choices between specific leather types, stamped patterns that cost more than others, soles, different colors, patinas, and more. By the end of the project, we’d enabled his customers to choose from over 40 000 different combinations, all in a simple step-by-step visual design process that runs quickly in a web browser on desktop or mobile phone.

The Result – when the virus hit, Simon was one of the only cobblers in the world who could sell online just as well as he could offline. The hyper-realistic 3D models with a virtual background created a believable, high-quality experience that justified the 300-500 pound price-tag.

Example 2

BigW was looking to use the power of personalization with one of its brand partners Nestle. Big W and Nestle had two brands that they wanted to run an exclusive in-store promotion for. They had run gift-packs before and combined them with POS displays, but that’s nothing new. They were looking for something more.

The Challenge – Provide a compelling reason for customers to visit BigW stores around the country.

The Solution – Spiff worked collaboratively with Nestle’s local head office, their global Swiss office, and BigW in Australia to make this idea a reality. The idea was to use Spiff’s personalization technology to allow customers to modify the packaging of both Allen’s lolly tins and KitKat packs in-store at BigW. This was then complemented with a dynamic, personalized, augmented reality experience that added another digital communication layer. There were hundreds of BigW stores Spiff had to collaborate with in order to set up print labeling equipment, interface integrations, staff training and even provide guidance over intellectual property issues.


Start Creating

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