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Agency Partnerships

Leverage our platform for your agency’s gain

Partner & Prosper

We’ve solved all the technical implementation and adoption barriers to product customization. Win new pitches, upsell existing clients and exude technological nous by using our tech platform to prosper.

Customization Campaigns

Execute campaign ‘a la Share a Coke’ with ease


3D Product Visualization

Are your clients still using 2D product images? Why?

Store Virtualization

Place the product in a natural, imersive 3D buying context or store background

Fulfillment Automation

Automate the printing or manufacture of customized products

Personalized Packaging

Product packaging is a communication channel – personalize every single order at scale.

Hold On…What is Spiff?

Spiff is a new no-code technology platform which allows retailers to offer product customization, easily at scale.

Our platform allows merchants’ customers to customize products in real-time, in 3D. Then Spiff  integrates downstream into the merchant’s ordering, printing, manufacturing and/or fulfillment processes. 

Think Coca Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign or Nike’s ‘NikeByYou’ (NikeID) initiative. But, now, this technology is now available to all merchants, no matter their size. 

This is because we’ve removed the technical adoption barriers and slashed the costs which used to prevent merchants from considering product customization campaigns in the past.

Win New Clients

Differentiate your proposal from other creative agencies by pitching ownership of merchants implementation of customizable products targeting new realms of growth potential. 

By pitching design ownership, and using your own creative flare using the Spiff platform, design agencies will attract lucrative margins whilst rapidly improving incumbent agent’s UX/UI/CX. 

Using data collected by Spiff about the power of personalization with improving various metrics including AOV and standard conversion rates, successfully pitch the benefit of customization to new companies. 

Show off customisation campaigns from your current clients’ and give your agency brand that cutting-edge techie appearance. 

The referral program is suitable for:

Any Agency who wants to be rewarded every time they refer a new user which ends up signing up for one of our paid plans. You could be a consultant or adviser who works in the retail/eCommerce industry and wishes to monetize your recommendations.

How Spiff supports you:

  • We will both share in the upfront onboarding and set-up revenue (3D model creation, customization workflow design, and technical configuration). We will also share in the monthly subscription and unit sales revenue.
  • Assist your clients with technical assistance and ensuring your merchant feels supported. 
  • This revenue share agreement is valid for 12 months after the last customer you referred is signed up. This means, as long as you continue to refer customers that successfully sign you will continue to receive a trailing fee on every customer you have signed up.
  • Flexible options and additional incentives apply if you refer to larger volumes of customers.

Pitch new ideas to retain and up-sell clients

Forge a new path of revenue generation for your agency by pitching a new customization campaign using Spiff’s case studies such as Coca Cola Asia Pacific, Nestle, & Vegemite.  

Using the Spiff platform, merchant’s are able to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) due to the life-like visual interactivity that can be achieved on Spiff. Visualise these conversion rates and order trends using Spiff’s Analytics Hub to provide immediate feedback on the efficacy of the campaign. 

Some in demand utilisations of the Spiff3D platform include gift campaigns around popular gifting times such as Christmas, Easter & Valentines Day. An idea to ease your way into the world of customization can be personalized gift cards. 

Incentivise new creatives to trial your client’s integration of Spiff to create their own designs. To further garner attraction to your client’s site hold competitions awarding the most creative design.

How Spiff supports you:

  • We share in the monthly subscription and unit sales revenue.
  • Provide you a slide deck with key data points highlighting the power of customization. 
  • Participate in ongoing discussions with clients if required. 
  • This revenue share agreement is an ongoing arrangement.
  • Flexible options and additional incentives apply if you refer to larger volumes of customers.

A Creative Agency Case Study – Brand Spanking Marketing


Next Steps

 This strategic partnership program is suitable for:

Established Creative & Development Agencies that are involved in the eCommerce, retail, printing, packaging, labeling, customization, or personalization industries to some degree. Each strategic partnership is bespoke in nature and you are willing to discuss the creation of a mutually beneficial arrangement with Spiff.

The exact term and financial details of our arrangement need to be discussed.

Enquire with Spiff to start forging a new pathway of mutual success. 

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