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What is Spiff3D?

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    Hyper-realistic 3D Product Models

    In 2D world, you need a gallery of photos, in 3D you need one. There is no better way to show your customer.

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    In-store or Online Customization

    Supplement your in person sales process, customers can experience the end result before the final product is made.

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    Futuristic UX and UI

    Customization in 3D increases buy-in from the consumer reducing the probability of abandonment.

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    Downstream Fulfillment Automation

    Spiff creates almost any output file type and can route and connect to almost any 3rd party fulfillment system. 

The Customization Opportunity

Increased Sales Revenue

Convert more traffic into sales, increase AOV and recurring revenue.

Immersive 3D UI provides an online customer experience which rivals off-line shopping.

Replicate the emotional connection you can get from human interactions. Create desire and new reasons to purchase.

Learn how you can offer personalized experiences, visualized in real-time to build true value in the online customer experience. 

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Custom Coke

Product Customization Campaigns

You may be familiar with the perennial success of Nike’s ‘Nike by you’ or Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. 

You'll be less familiar with the fact that brands of any size can now execute campaigns like this for a fraction of the cost.

Our no-code, drag-and-drop customizer back-end has slashed the cost and time required to launch your own mass customization campaign.

Dynamic Personalization

Why only offer standardized products when you can let customers add their own photos, images, logos, or message.

Let customers make the product their own - something which resonates with them. Something no one else can buy. 

‘When I have my own content on your product I know this is one of a kind’

Learn how our Spiff Hub (back-end) makes product personalization possible, at scale, at low cost. 

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Hyper-Realistic 3D Models

Whether you want to admit it or not, the future of retail is AR and VR. These experiences aren't possible without good quality 3D product models.

But not all 3D models are equal. Some will resemble objects out of a cheap video game. But with hyper-realistic product models you'll have difficulty figuring out whether it's a real photo or not.

Once you have a 3D model, you can use our system to let customers modify part of it.

Allow customers to toggle between different materials, colors, patterns, or textures and visualize it in real-time, in a simple web-browser. 

Hyper-realistic 3D allows customers to purchase complex products with absolute confidence. 

Visual Product Configuration

Giving customers the ability to change and customize a product in 3D, in real-time makes it feel like the product is their own creation. Commitment to the sale is formed in an emotional way.

Competing brands without product configuration technology, will not stand a chance. Step into the future of digital customer experience today.


Customer Experience & Brand Experience (CX/BX)

Create a brand experience that you have always dreamed of. Merge offline with online, virtual, and physical.

Let our powerful technology execute your creativity.

Step into the future of digital customer experience possibilities today.

Personalized Product Packaging

Why use the same packaging for every customer?

You’re missing out on a lucrative communication channel which can help strengthen the customer relationship.

See how you can enable the automation of 1:1 personalized packaging at scale.

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Demo Our Technology Right Now

Demo Our Technology Right Now

No sign-up is required. Witness the future of retail right now by customizing one of the products below.


Strong Business Case

Customers love it| They will wait | Prepared to pay more

A Deloitte survey has found that:

36% of consumers expressed an interest in purchasing products that are customized to them.

48% of consumers were prepared to wait longer to receive their personalized product.

40% of consumers say they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalized.

Consumers interested


Willing to wait longer


Paid more


Step into the Future