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Your products.. Customized in Real Time in 3D

A platform that delivers an end to end solution for offering customization to your customers. From real time 3D product visualation to configurable fulfilment automation. Spiff makes customisation work.

Leveraged by the biggest and smallest brands in the world

Online Realtime Hyper Realistic 3D

 In 2D world you need a gallery of photos, in 3D you need one. There is no better way to show your customer.

In-store Digital Customization

Supplement your in person sales process, customers can experience the end result before the final product is made.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Customization in 3D increases buy in from the consumer reducing the probability of abandonment. 

Fulfilment Automation

Spiff creates almost any output file type and can route and connect to almost any 3rd party fulfillment system. 

Don’t Wait for a Demo

 Witness the future of retail right now. Click on a product below to see how your customers could be interacting with your products


Customize sport products

Dress Watch

Customize consumer products


Customize apparel

Chocolate Block

Customize confectionary

Join the Modern Retail Landscape

eCommerce - Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Every online retailer wants to convert more window shoppers into sales, increase AOV, and encourage recurring revenue.

Consumers crave a visceral experience. An emotional connection that is made when a consumer feels compelled to purchase by their own sense of desire. 

‘I need this, I want this, I have to have it’

Give them choice, allow them to visualize in real-time and this connection is made.

Spiff can help!

Mass Product Customization Campaigns

Seen NikeID and Share a Coke campaigns? You can execute campaigns like this which cost them millions for a fraction of the cost.

Campaigns like this were previously considered branding exercises rather than a profit centre due to the cost of setup, execution and maintenance. 

Using the spiff platform you can now create this with complete control over interaction, make seasonal changes, start and stop on a whim, fully automate fulfillment and offer different experiences in different parts of the world all without engaging your IT department.

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Let them Make it Personal

Allowing consumers to add their own photos, images, logos, or message is almost always preferred by the consumer when purchasing a gift.

Using the Spiff Hub, you can configure any experience.

Personalization builds a sense of scarcity.

‘When I have my own content on your product I know this is one of a kind’

Customization Made Easy

Customers can choose materials, colors, patterns to configure products (or parts of products) to their liking and then visualize in hyper-realistic real-time 3D. 

The importance of spiff in this process relates back to the importance of emotional connection. 

When a person can visualize the end product they are less likely to be deterred in the cart process. 

The consumer is more likely to take ownership of a customized product and therefore are less likely to abandon the cart.

Visual Product Configuration - CPQ

Giving customers the chance to change and customize a product in 3D, in real-time makes it feel like it’s their own.

An emotional connection has been created.

Customer Experience & Brand Experience (CX) (BX)

Create a brand experience that you’ve never dreamed of before. Merge offline with online, virtual, and physical.

Let our tech help facilitate your creativity.

Personalized Product Packaging & Unboxing

Why use the same packaging for every customer?

You’re missing out on a lucrative communication channel to help strengthen the customer relationship.

Mass Customization Fulfillment (Operations)

The era of importing large batches of products, shoving them in a warehouse, and selling the same product to the masses is over.

Step into the Future

Discover how Spiff technology can help you

These guys are the real deal when you are looking for when the need for specific customization is needed. The support here that I have receive here takes away all the questions I had with the app. They are not scared to get on the phone and explain what they do and what they can offer. I been with these people for almost a month now and they can transform anything you have into a nice looking 3d model.


Shonovi Customs

Great app. I'll be honest I'm very new to web development, a complete novice. But the team at spiff are phenomenal, and were able to get everything set up exactly the way I wanted it. Great app with a great team behind it!


Zoa Candle

Spiff are amazing to deal with. As with any customisations, we have had our ups and downs, but Shadi (Director) has worked with me every step of the way to provide solutions to get the very best outcome, both for right now and for future updates. I love their passion for what they do but also how invested they are in helping me succeed. Shadi has both listened and implemented ideas and suggestions to make the system better.


Little Wooden Toybox

We were on Magento and we switched to Shopify just to use this app. The onboarding process was easy, the Spiff staff were extremely responsive and answered all my questions quickly. Our customers love playing around with the 3D model and customising products online. Sales are up and we now have opportunities to partner with other companies. This wouldn't have been possible without this app.



Amazing customer service from start to finish. The team at Spiff helped build me a 3D model. Any question I had they answered it in a timely manner. Will highly recommend over other companies


3Kings Merch

Incredible product. But even more beyond that, the guys at Spiff are absolutely LEADERS in service!It's not like many of the apps where you can expect a reply after 3 weeks. These guys WANT to look after you and they deliver a one-of-a-kind stunning product. It's transformed my business' proposition!


Hand Dyed Shoe Company

I use Spiff to help customise my products. Spiff have been incredibly awesome, super quick & responsive & nothing is too much trouble. They are helping our business reach new heights!
We have big plans with our custom products & Spiff is the only developer doing customisation properly! Very happy customer here!

Cooper Cricket

Cooper Cricket

Spiff is designed to help your customers see how a customised product would look in real time which promotes engagement and stickiness on your website as well as a real sense of assurance for the finished product.
I have done my first corporate product with them - a set of 4 x deck chairs where you add your logo aimed at the product launch/brand activation market - and I was extremely impressed with Spiff's responsiveness, workmanship and their suggested 3D background which replaced mine(!) to help bring the product to life.
I will be getting them to do more products for me shortly and would recommend them to anyone who wants customers to see how the finished product would look.

My Event Decor

My Event Decor

The data says do it!

Customers love it| They will wait | Prepared to pay more

A Deloitte survey has found that:

36% of consumers expressed an interest in purchasing products that are customised to them.

48% of consumers were prepared to wait longer to receive their personalised product.

40% of consumers say they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalised.

  • Consumers interested 36% 36%
  • Willing to wait longer 48% 48%
  • Paid more 40% 40%

Step into the Future

Discover how Spiff technology can help you