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Bring your printed products to life

Why are 3D models of Print Products Important?

To give the customer the ability to visualize their printed design, to choose the exact color they like, and to see exactly where a photo has been uploaded onto their design requires a near pixel-perfect 3D rendition of the product. How effective a company is with enabling customers to create an emotional connection with their designs will separate the market leaders from the rest of the pack which is why using a leading visualization and fulfilment service is so important.


Padtastic required a solution that would give their customers total control in the type of notepads they were customized, the colors of the notepad, the font type that would be used throughout the book, and other bespoke customizations such as making the pads lined or unlined.

The Spiff software was integral in animating the pads opening and flicking through the pages showing at which part of the product the customer was customizing.

Creating a customer connection was the essential focus of the entire design leading to a reduced cart abandonment rate growth in customer satisfaction rate.

My Event Decor

A B2C Business, My Event Decor, needed an answer to their corporate customers who wanted to be able to upload simple images such as their company logos for corporate events. 

Spiff was able to design a simple solution whereby businesses were able to understand exactly where their company logos would go on the event furniture. A cost-effective, resounding success, My Event Decor was able to streamline its sales process, cutting out the once necessary back and forth of proof of concept before purchase.

See the Results Here

Little Wooden Toybox

Addressing the market of young children requiring handwriting practice, Little Wooden Toybox wanted parents to be able to visualize exactly what the product they received would be. 

Realizing the value Spiff could bring to the business, a complete overhaul of Little Wooden’s product offering followed, putting her personalized product as the central product they offered. 

See the Little Wooden Toybox Product Here

Important Advantages

  • A smooth interface which allows customers to be able to understand more wholly what the product is before they purchase
  • A streamlined customer journey – eliminating the inevitable back and forth ‘proof of concept’ before purchase which occurs in the personalized print market
  • The higher the customer satisfaction rate
  • Automated print and order routing meaning an increase in sales can be achieved without a bottom-line hit