The Spiff Hub

Underneath the hood of the Spiff engine lies ‘The Hub’ which powers everything

Complexity – Gone

Complexity – Gone

The Spiff Hub is the application that runs the whole Spiff product architecture. It’s the place where you create customization workflows, link your product, upload assets, and everything in between.

The Spiff Hub is where you can tailor online experiences for customers. Inside the Spiff Hub, you can link products that you wish to offer customization for, build workflows for the customization process, make requests for 3D models to be created, and more. You can create options and variants for what the customer can select when going through a particular step, set custom pricing for different options, and upload assets such as frames, images, illustrations, your own 3D models if you have them. Use the Spiff Hub to create and manage campaigns on a whim. Cost-effectively, no development required. If you are having capability issues, we can point you in the right direction to find experts who can collaborate with your project.

The hub allows companies to believe the sky is the limit. It helps them improve the customer journey, it increases sales, strengthens the brand, and sets up entities for the future. It’s incredibly powerful and constantly being improved.

Here are just a few of the things it can help you with.


Image Uploads

Control the Frame customers can upload images to. Customers can reposition, zoom in and out, and crop images as they see fit.

Print-ready PDFs are then supplied to the merchants, exactly as the customer intended. Automating fulfillment, whilst delivering the product to the customer’s exact specifications.


Allow your customers to modify the colors of the model to their taste. You can either provide them with the option to select from your own custom colors or select from a default color list.



Control the clip art that you want your customers to select and customize to their taste. Control the size of the illustration you offer your customers, as well as the default option that appears first on the model.

Decide whether you want to allow customers to change the color and provide them with your own custom color lists.


If you want to allow your customers a completely unique design, the patchwork option is a great way of doing that.

The Spiff system with patchworks can completely randomize SVG (vector images) designs, enabling the design to be completely unique to the customer each time. 


Start Creating

With the Spiff Hub, you can create a list of special assets known as materials which you can use to simulate a texture or a finish.

Gone of the days of being limited to one texture of a bland 2D model – create life-like renditions of anything from velvet and cotton to burlap.

Complete your product simulation with a finish that can be used by customers to style their designs with shadings or highlight contours and deviations on the model.

Model Variation

Vary a model in 3D on the fly. Some customers have used this to show different collar types, or add features to products.



Animate your 3D Model to make it come to life. Demonstrate the usage of a product or highlight hidden features.


Try it for Yourself

Instead of reading about all the features, why don’t you just give it a go right now?

If you have something specific to ask our team, get in contact, and start a discussion.