Convert more window-shoppers into customers

Customized Apparel

Due to the rapid improvements in Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, one-off customer designs are able to print in a cost-effective yet high-quality manner. All that is left to do for merchants wanting to sell personalized apparel is giving your customers the tool to upload their designs, change colors, and write their own personalized text during an immersive customer experience.

This is where Spiff comes in…


3 Kings Merch

Appealing to a younger age demographic, 3 Kings Merch was able to use Spiff to create a truly unique purchasing experience for their customers wanting custom hoodies.

Through the use of unique fonts, cool colors and a life-like silk material customers could be led through a workflow that was in keeping with 3 Kings Merch’s branding.


Klipped Kippah

Klipped Kippah sought out our services to have a customized Tote Bag.

Frustrated by their current 2D preview which lacked intuitiveness for the customer, Spiff revolutionized the ability for customers to create their own design and for the fulfillment process to be automated.

Klipped Kippah took advantage of the large range of features available.

Important Advantages

Simulate any type of in-store experience online
Ability to prompt up-selling
Increased customer loyalty
Higher satisfaction rate
Larger social media traction from customers sharing their designs online, leading to increased revenue