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Help customers create the perfect gifts with ease

Gifting Made Easy

One of the inherently strong cases for a product customizer app, customers require an integrated solution that allows them to add their own personal touch to whatever present they are wanting to purchase. Due to Spiff’s capabilities of allowing customers to upload their own images of special occasions, or writing personalized messages on their purchases, integrating Spiff for companies focusing on the large gifting market is a no-brainer.

Champs Fleur

One of our international clients, Champs Fleur believes in enjoying every day to the fullest and in being a little extra wherever possible.

After having looked all over the market they struggled to find a 3D customizer that would represent the flowers in all of their glory. For Spiff? No problem.

Koko Black

By giving customers the ability to purchase chocolates and then add a personalized gift card they have advertently become the premiere company for customers who want to purchase chocolates as a gift. Gift cards in this instance can be extremely effective in up-selling customers to further purchases in a cost-efficient way for the business. 

By doing so, Koko Black have perfectly illustrated the power of simple personalization and how it can revolutionize a market offering. 

Add a product to cart, then in the cart press ‘add a gift card’ here.

Important Advantages

  • Simulate any type of in-store experience online
  • Ability to prompt up-selling
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher satisfaction rate
  • Larger social media traction from customers sharing their designs online, leading to increased revenue