Value-Based Pricing

Our pricing model is designed to help you sell more 

Our CEO explains how our Pricing works

Our pricing model is a usage based model with fixed and variable components to help us both be aligned, achieving a common goal. 


$0 Includes Demo
  • Tell us your requirements and we'll tell you if our product is a good fit
  • Learn the ways you could leverage our technology to your advantage
  • Experiment with customization steps and 3D models
  • 15 minute private web-consultation session with our senior implementation manager included
  • Discuss which pricing options could serve you best
  • Enter the draw to win $500 of 3D modeling credit


$29.95 USD/MONTH
  • $100 worth of 3D modeling credit
  • Free use of the 3D model library
  • 50 products
  • Unlimited Transactions (% fee applies)
  • Unlimited Designs (Workflows)
  • Silver Customizer Features
  • View Orders + High-res PDFs
  • Step Groupings
  • Asset Repository
  • Autosend Print Files to your email
  • Cart Preview
  • Email/Web Conferncing
  • Customize ‘Personalize Now on Spiff’ Button
  • *transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15


$99.95 USD/MONTH
  • $150 worth of 3D modelling credit
  • Free use of the 3D model library
  • All of the ‘Starter’ feature plus
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Gold Customiser Features
  • Customer AR Personalised product placement (Beta)
  • Advanced Order Routing Queues
  • Auto Send PDF to Customers Upon Order
  • Custom Pricing
  • Branded Configurator Loading Page
  • Advanced Analytics
  • *transaction fee of 1.5% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15


  • $300 worth of 3D modelling credit
  • Free use of the 3D model library
  • All of the ‘Customizer’ Features plus
  • Advanced Web Integrations
  • Custom Order Routing
  • Impostion and order rule setting
  • Advanced Support
  • Customer Analytics
  • Order Moderation Module
  • Connections to 3PL Fulfilment via API
  • *transaction fee of 1% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15
Front End
DesignsUp to 10UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Transaction FeesLimit of 10 free1.9% min .10 max 15USD1.5% min .10 max 15USD1% min .10 max 15USD
Bronze Customisation Features
Silver Customisation Features
Gold Customisation Features
Custom Pricing
Step Groupings
Iframe Popup
Embedded iframe
E-commerce button customisationsCustomise button wording and colourCustomise button wording and colourAnywhere on your siteAnywhere on your site
Branded Model loading Page
Augmented Reality (Beta)
Customer AR Placement (Beta)
Order Summary Page
Social Media Sharing Icon
Free Updates and New Features
Profanity Filter
Workflow Configurator
Digital Asset Management Repository
Order Routing
Order List
Autosend PDF Order
Multiple Location Routing
Imposition & Order Rule Setting
In Store Capabilities
Submit orders in-store
Route orders direct to store
Merchant Support
Live Chat/Email
Zoom Conferencing1 x Onboarding Session1 x session per month3 x sessions per monthUp to 4 hours per month
Customer Analytics
Basic Statistics
Advanced Analytics
Customized AnalyticsExtra depending on requirements