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Customized Sporting Goods

The Spiff software has a wide range of possible applications in the general sports sector of customizable goods. Whether you are embarking on trading Business to Business (B2B) equipment, or direct to consumer products, the Spiff software can be utilized to maximize the level of customization you offer.

Deviation Ski & Snowboard

Deviation Ski & Snowboards engaged Spiff’s services to deliver customizable high-quality skis and snowboards to their customers which they would sell in-store at mountain ranges and online. Customers would select through pre-made illustrations designed in-store and apply it to their style of ski and snowboard flex and size. 

One of the key advantages of the Spiff software that Deviation Ski & Snowboard utilized was the ability for our software to prepare a print-ready PDF on the customer purchase that could be printed without having to modify on design software such as Adobe Illustrator, rapidly increasing the potential scalability of their product offering.

Important Advantages

There are many benefits of utilising the Spiff software for customized sports such as:

  • Giving customers the ability to control the colours of their equipment, write personalised messages on and the materials which the product is built with
  • Animate the model to show the function of the product.
  • Automate the fulfilment of printing, seamlessly connecting customers and your fulfilment partners
  • You are able to allow customers and other companies to place their own logo onto your manufactured goods