Sales Optimization

Convert more window-shoppers into customers

Superior UX with 3D

Every online retailer wants to convert more window shoppers into sales. Then they want to increase AOV with up-sells, product bundling, before moving onto increasing purchase frequency and finally, encouraging advocacy/WOM.

You can’t do that with poor UX and CX.

Using the power of 3D, UX, and CX, you can do all of this and more. In fact, we already have the data from hundreds of clients who have exceeded their business goals.

Use our platform to provide customer experiences you never thought possible.


Upgrade to 3D Imagery

Forcing customers to flick between multiple 2D images, play videos, and click back again is just messy. Modern websites are incorporating 3D product models into their design.

These allow the customer to get a better feel for the product in real life without getting distracted by the rest of the page’s content.

Detailed, lifelike 3D models send a strong quality signal to the consumer, reducing the perception of purchase risk, while also communicating that that brand is tech-savvy.

It’s often cheaper to create a hyper-realistic 3D model than it is to arrange a photo-shoot.

Configurable add-to-cart Sequences

Our conditional logic-based step-by-step experience-generator can be used to send customers through a custom product purchase sequence without them getting distracted by hundreds of fields or leaving the page. Best of all, you can customize this sequence as much or as little as you like before the final, configured product is added to the cart.

This opens up a whole world of possibilities. Add gift wrapping, bundle in a gift card, add color options, monogramming, and more. Add as many of these options as you wish. Leverage conditional logic, up-sell, and control your profit margins with each option.

Do all of this using our no-code workflow system without the need for writing complex code in your website’s back-end.

By enabling customers to be involved and feel like the product is their own, they invariably end up becoming more attached to the purchase. This leads to:

  • Higher conversation rates
  • Lower cart abandonment
  • Increased AOV
  • Increased buyer advocacy
  • Increased repeat purchase rates (higher CLV)

eCommerce Advantages

Live Example

See how HDSCo uses optional extras and upsells in their shoe sale sequence here.

Another one of our customers saw a 86% conversion rate between the number of people who added the product to the cart and started the design process, to the number who ended up checking out.

Our tech stack is available for native installation via Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, and other major eCommerce platforms by special request.


A Word from our Founder

“You’ve got in-store and you’ve got your online components and certainly the in-store components for obvious reasons have been smacked with COVID. This was both a shock and wake-up call for many retailers about the importance of online retail and omnichannel strategies.

But from an online perspective, we’ve seen people who generally didn’t trust the online market in the past. People who preferred the in-store experience…these people have been forced to try out the online world and a lot of them are finding that they are enjoying the experience. So regardless of what happens from here, I feel like that that the online world of retail is going to benefit long term.”