BigCommerce Surges Ahead With New Tech Addition

While a few lucky BigCommerce merchants have been using the Spiff3D BigCommerce App for some time, the application is now available to the public via the official app store.

Over 50 000 websites around the world use BigCommerce to power their eCommerce stores many of whom are larger, enterprise merchants. The platform has been on a growth streak recently, as brands have responded positively to their headless ecommerce and API-driven ethos which provides superior  flexibility to each merchants needs.

This same ethos seems to be shared by Spiff3D’s CEO, Shadi Taleb. “We partnered with BigCommerce due to customer demand and just released our own headless, public API earlier this year. This has made it so much easier to give each customer exactly what they need in terms of customization at scale. We’re looking forward to expanding the capability of the BigCommerce platform via this partnership and it’s obviously that we already see eye-to-eye on a number of trends which are emerging in the global market. While both of our markets are predominantly North American, it’s nice that we both share Australian roots.”

This new addition to the BigCommerce app marketplace makes it easier for retailers of all size to take advantage of Spiff3D’s powerful customization technology used by brands such as Coca-Cola, BigW, and Koko Black. Functionality such as on-demand web-to-print personalized product packaging, 3D product configuration visualization, dynamic manufacturing, print server integrations, product labeling customization and more.

Existing BigCommerce users can simply download the app and start using the technology immediately via a self-serve no-code back-end. Alternatively, a global support team provides full-service onboarding experts to help merchants every step of the way – ensuring their customization ideas become a lucrative source of sales revenue.

If you’re looking for a product customization or product personalization app for BigCommerce, download the Spiff3D app via their website or book a personalized live demo consultation.

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