Maropost integration announced

While Spiff3D was in the final stages of integrating with eCommerce platform Neto in 2021, the company was acquired by Maropost.

The good news is, all Maropost customers are now able to take advantage of world-leading, scalable customization technology.

Maropost’s Commerce Cloud is continuing to forge ahead as a leader in the ecommerce and multi-channel marketing space by joining forces with Spiff3D.

Customizable products are vogue and since COVID, brands are increasingly discussing ways to localize production or vertically integrate their supply chains. The DTC market continues to storm ahead but this expansion also creates an issue. Retailers are increasingly finding it difficult to maintain a competitive advantage in what is often a perfect competition market.

Product differentiation via customization or personalization offers a neat solution to this problem. By offering unique product experiences that no-one else can replicate, brands can offer new, compelling reasons for people to visit their stores.

So what can be customized? In short – anything! Spiff3D’s platform has been built to be product agnostic.

From shoes, to product packaging, greeting cards, knives, sports gear, chocolates and even tombstones!

Australian eCommerce platform Neto, has been rolled into the Maropost Commerce Cloud, adding over 3000 existing savvy retailers into the fold. Their award-winning eCommerce and marketing platform is now used by tens of thousands of retailers and wholesalers worldwide. This unified, full funnel and omni-channel platform includes everything from access to ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, to point of sale tools, inventory management and fulfilment management.

The demand for customized products brings with it many challenges. Operations and downstream fulfillment. Both require a unique skillset and mindset.

“Many ecommerce platforms provide a customer-facing layer without bothering to solve some of the much harder, operational challenges that many retail entrepreneurs have to solve. What impressed us with Maropost was their focus on true end-to-end ecommerce. We had a handful of Maropost users who were begging us to invest in the integration and we’re glad we did,” – says Shadi Taleb, CEO of Spiff3D.

With an end-to-end customer experience focus, Spiff3D offers Maropost customers far more than just front-end 3D product configuration ability. Retailers can use the system to increase their marginal revenue, optimize customer journeys, automate fulfillment and leverage partnership opportunities world-wide.

“There was a natural fit in the mindset of both of our companies and the clients we shared,” – says Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost.

For more information about how this partnership could help you, reach out to the Spiff3D or Maropost teams.

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