Shopify App approval opens up $59.27bn+ global market

Spiff proudly announces today that our e-commerce app has today been approved for sale on the official Shopify App Store.
Shopify has very stringent rules around quality and service, so the team is very proud to have achieved the level of quality required to join this extensive global community. Successful approval is a reflection of the standard of work that Spiff’s team has been able to achieve in the development of their personalisation technology stack.
This development allows Spiff direct access to over one million Shopify merchants who in the first three quarters of 2019 (calendar year) have sold a combined $59.27bn (USD$40.5bn) worth of goods on the e-commerce platform.
Spiff’s CEO, Shadi Taleb explains the significance of this development. “We think this is a great step towards achieving our commercial goals, both from a branding and revenue perspective. Brewtopia were our first Shopify customer who specialize in personalising beverages for the Australian market. We’re looking forward to on-boarding many more merchants in the coming months.”
Shopify is a Significant E-commerce Player
While Amazon dominates the US e-commerce market, Shopify’s presence in Canada, Australia and within other countries is significant.
Shopify’s GMV growth-rate has been high and the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with a market cap of USD$40.2bn.

Further Reading
More information regarding Spiff’s Shopify App can be found on the Shopify website.
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