Vegemite First To Embrace New WooCommerce Plugin

Vegemite has traded barbs with rival brand, Marmite all Summer, especially during the Ashes, which has kept  English and Australian populations entertained via a constant stream of witty banter.

Parent company, Bega approached Spiff to help find a technical solution for the planned launch of a new e-commerce website. While their choice of website infrastructure was already predetermined, they also wished to sell personalised jars of Vegemite (see below).

At the same time, Spiff was looking for more brands to test the limits of a new WooCommerce plugin for WordPress so this opportunity was a case of perfect timing.


Spiff CEO Shadi Taleb, who worked closely with the Australian Bega team, explained, “They [Bega] had recently launched an online store using WordPress’ WooCommerce solution to power the online purchasing functionality required to sell products direct to the public. Our new Spiff WooComerce plugin provided the Bega team with the technical flexibility they needed to execute their specific vision for the store.”

Spiff’s WordPress Plugin is Unique

Spiff’s WooCommerce plugin allows users to view a 3D personalised render of the product, in real-time, via their mobile or desktop browser prior to checkout. This personalised product experience then integrates, via the same software, into the fulfilment side of the transaction, including connections to printing and dispatch systems.

In this particular case, the client only wished for the label text area to be personalised, but the power of Spiff’s personalisation technology is almost limitless. The stepped ‘workflow’ is also able to be customized to suit the individual requirements of each store owner.

An Australian growth professional, recently posted about the technology on LinkedIn which quickly started to trend within FMCG industry circles in Australia, signalling strong market interest.

Previously, only smaller niche brands have been able to execute personalized products due to the inherent problem larger brands experience with scaling the operational side of campaigns. However, the plugin leverages the power of personalisation platform which has been engineered to scale and integrate seamlessly into existing printing and fulfillment centers.

Personalise your own jar of Vegemite

Have a go at designing your own personalised jar of Vegemite here

Request to use the Spiff  Product Personalisation WooCommerce Plugin

Spiff has native apps for easy integration into Shopify and WooCommerce as well as bespoke solutions for brands who sell offline. Visit this page where we talk about our WordPress product customizer.

Not a WordPress User?

Also contact us if you run any other online store. See a specific Shopify application of our technology here, or if you are offline retailer – check out this recent collaboration with BigW.

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