Spiff3D goes Headless

Headless architectures have become a hot topic within the developer community.

They provide a way for technology vendors to still be able to help companies who have already made commitments to certain technology stacks. Headless architectures provides more flexibility to these companies so they can still integrate powerful third-party tech into their existing systems.

Noticed a growing need among our customer base to create something similar, we extended our public API into a headless workflow also.

While an interactive product customization process provides a rich editing experience, there are many times where such an experience is not appropriate. A corporate customer for example may need to produce 1000’s of customized designs from a simple list of text inputs (CSV etc).

So we created a bulk design feature aimed at solving this exact problem. The Bulk design feature enables a customization workflow to create 1000’s of designs based on a single workflow rendition. This can be achieved at the end of the workflow, by firstly enabling a bulk design, and then providing the required data for each design.

Spiff3D will then in-turn, create the correct number of transactions based on this input allowing for design creation to be fully automated at scale. Bulk designs are enabled by our second new feature – Headless Worfklows.

The new headless workflow feature provides programmers direct control of a Spiff3D customization workflow via the Rest API as required. This new programmatic interface allows for many new integrations that were previously not possible without an intervening client based workflow. Some of these new use cases could include:

  • users who have a simple design based on text input that requires very little interaction from a user such as one or two step workflows.
  • users who have existing automated systems that do not rely on a typical web-flow involving a client browser. This could also cover many direct system to system integrations
  • users who have existing frontends for customization
  • users who do not retail in the typical flow or perhaps do not maintain a typical shopping cart.

While the headless architecture can’t be seen visually, it’s being used by Coca-Cola South Pacific to power the most recent release of their famous ‘Share a Coke’ campaign.

For more information about the Spiff3D public API and our new headless architecture, reach out to our team to start a discussion.

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