Spiff’s Core System UX gets a face-lift

Twelve months of customer input, hundreds of thousands of transactions and customized designs later, the new Spiff customer back-end (Spiff Hub) is live.

Spiff Hub is the interface which customers use to power customization at scale. It’s been designed as a no-code solution, meaning users can install, design and deploy powerful 3D product workflows without having to type any code or speak to a developer.

Spiff CEO, Shadi Taleb elaborates. “We listened to all of our customers’ feedback over the past year and rolled that into this new release. Our focus is always on the merchant and their customers. With this release, we’ve begun our journey towards building a back-end that is both intuitive and powerful giving merchants an unrivaled level of control in the delivery of their customization experience.”

Improvements include:

  • New and improved UI/UI for the product, my account and Integrations page.
  • Tablet and smaller screen layout improvements
  • Sidebar menu transition to a horizontal menu
  • Improved granular control for complex configurations
  • Easier navigation and connectivity between sections
  • The release is a work in progress but importantly forms the strong foundation from which spiff will continue to build on. Updates are constant and deliberate in an effort to keep spiff merchants one step ahead of the rest.

One of the biggest is a formalization of integrations for the Spiff API. Developers can now create their own test accounts, access detailed developer documentation and then build integrations in a sandbox environment before deploying to their custimers. Scores of development teams in-waiting, have flocked to be the first to use this new feature.

A new Paypal payment gateway also opens the Spiff application to integrations outside of Shopify.

A new international layer means that customers with a global store footprint can deploy design workflows in any language.

Use our 3D models, upload your own or request one to be made for you using the asset request function

“This is the first time we’ve looked at usability in depth and noticed lots of unnecessary clicking back and forth between sections. We wanted to simplify what is essentially a feature-rich back-end as much as possible and give the power back to merchants to allow them to do everything by themselves if need be.” Said Shadi.

Spiff’s mission to democratize immersive personalization is well on its way.
Start using the Spiff Hub today.

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