WooCommerce integration opens up 3.8 million online retail market

While a few lucky WooCommerce merchants have been using Spiff’s WordPress Plugin for quite some time, the application is now officially available on the WordPress Plugin store.

Over 3.8 million websites in the world use WordPress’ WooCommerce to power their eCommerce needs. This launch makes it easier than ever for those merchants to upgrade to the word of 3D and embrace the era of dynamic product customization.

Existing WooCommerce users can simply download the product customization plugin here and start the set-up phase immediately.

As reported earlier, the iconic Australian brand, Vegemite has been using this plugin to power their online store since 2019. Spiff CEO Shadi provided more detail, “We have a close relationship with the Bega team and used their existing WordPress infrastructure. Our technology-enabled them to leverage the power of mass product customization on their existing online store. Customers can now purchase their very own jar of Vegemite and customize the label in 3D. It has proven very popular and the wide Bega team loves how our technology makes it easy to scale this process, removing many of the headaches which often plague these projects.”

Looking for a product customization or product personalization plugin for WordPress? Have a play around with some demo products we’ve uploaded to our WordPress demo site

Follow this Installation Guide to trial it on your WooCommerce store today.

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